Twiztid say why they left Psychopathic Records!!! There would be no more Twiztid if they stayed!


On 3/15/2013 Twiztid performed in Clifton Park NY. They talk to the Juggalos/Lettes. In this video that was recorded from the event they say that if they did not leave Psychopathic Records Twiztid would have been no more Twiztid within a year. They say that did NOT do it for money or because they were going to be number two at the label, they left to SURVIVE!!!. More things were said as well.

Watch the video where Twiztid say these things here:

It also appears that the main reason why they left was because Twiztid wants to bigger then being number 2. That is why they say that they were planning this for a long time. And if you think about it, why shouldn’t Twiztid try to reach for their dreams. Twiztid’s music was always some of the best that Psychopathic Records ever released. Abominationz was also one of the best Rap albums release in the entire USA last year. We hope to see Twiztid take things to new heights in the future. After all the years with Psy, Twiztid are  finally set to leave their own legacy in Underground music. We can’t wait to see what Twiztid have planned next.

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